When You Should Get Heel Pain Surgery

When You Should Get Heel Pain Surgery


Continuous pain in the heel can put your life on hold. It can interfere with daily living you never thought that you would never be able to do. Most people hardly ever think they will never be able to walk or do basic housework.

These activities are considered life’s guarantees. Then you realized you were very privileged to live life pain-free. You very likely looked up this blog because you have pain in the heel of your foot stopping you from life. All experts say that heel pain is not serious. What are you supposed to do when walking to the mailbox feels like walking on thumbtacks?

Doctors discourage surgery for heel pain over 90% of the time. All surgeries risk nerve damage, permanent numbing, and severe infection. There is no such thing as a surgery that does not leave a permanent visible scar.

There are very strong drugs that are required in all surgeries that leave permanent internal changes. The changes in your physical body from strong medication takes a while to show up, but always will. When living life gives so much physical pain, surgery seems to have more advantages than disadvantages. The real name for severe heel pain is the plantar fascia.

Sometimes surgery for heel pain is necessary.
Facts can confuse most people when or if they should have surgery for heel pain. Most experts suggest 6-12 months of trying other treatments before choosing to have surgery. Some insurances may require extended waiting times.

This could be to cancel out milder cases of foot pain such as a bruised bone in the heel. When someone bruises any bone, it can take up to two years to stop feeling any pain from it. For this reason, insurance companies may require a long term waiting time span.

Surgery may be suggested when the pain interferes with mild exercise, job duties, or ability to make money in some way. Heel pain can affect a professional athlete’s job requirements. If an athlete’s body is injured, they are not making money. A person’s occupation can determine if surgery for heel pain is the best option.

Pain in the heel is considered a mild condition. It is not life-threatening. It can be threatening to someone’s lifestyle. However, no one will die from it. The inability to exercise even moderately can lead to muscle weakening and muscle atrophy.

The physical body loses strength and balance. Breathing problems can eventually result when someone cannot do basic cardio exercises. In young and active people, the surgery for heel pain can prevent more serious health issues.

The reason people with heel pain get surgery is very obvious to lessen the pain. Even when going through home treatments for 6-12 months, the pain is still being felt during the treatments. Home treatment delaying the surgery also requires medication over an extended amount of time. The decision to get heel pain surgery should be dependent on how much it is interfering with you living your life.