Signs and Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Feet

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Feet

poor circulation in the feet
The heart pumps blood around the body through blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to all cells around the body; this system is called the circulatory system. If blood vessels in a particular area of the body harden, narrows, or closes, one may develop poor circulation. Here are a couple of symptoms to help you notice poor circulation in your feet:

Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and tingling are among the most common symptoms of poor circulation in your feet. When there is something that is barring your blood circulation, you may experience a pins and needles sensation, or at times, you might not feel your feet.


When you have poor blood circulation in your feet, it affects your energy levels leading to fatigue. The heart is also forced to pump blood harder, which leads to more fatigue.

Muscle Cramps and Joint Pain

Poor circulation in your feet may cause pain. Cold feet will tend to ache, especially when they begin to regain blood flow. The type of pain you may experience in your feet worsens when you sit or stand for extended periods. When blood fails to circulate correctly, there will be a limited supply of oxygen and nutrients resulting in cramping and stiffness.

Skin Color Change

Insufficient blood circulation means that the tissues in your feet will receive a limited amount of blood, and therefore the skin will appear blue. However, if there is any blood that is leaking from capillaries in those areas, the feet will appear purple.

Leg Ulcers

Because poor blood circulation greatly affects your body’s ability to heal, you may end up having leg ulcers in your feet. When blood pools in the veins of the legs causing swelling beneath the skin, it may also lead to leg ulcers.

Cold Feet

When there is poor circulation of blood in your feet, it leads to temperature fluctuations, therefore, causing your feet to feel so much colder than the rest of the body.


Poor blood circulation may also cause fluid to accumulate in your feet, causing swelling, a condition called edema. You may notice this if your clothing or jewelry feels tight. If a person has edema and they press the affected area, they leave an indentation on the skin.

Varicose Veins

Poor blood circulation in your legs and feet will cause the already existing varicose veins to be visible on the skin. Varicose veins are also common among people who stand for extended periods.

A doctor can easily treat the conditions that cause poor blood circulation in your feet if he notices them early enough. However, if one does not receive the required treatment early enough, they may develop life-threatening complications, which include infected skin ulcers and blood clots. It could also lead to amputation in some people. Therefore, ensure that you report the symptoms to your doctor so that you can receive the required treatment and consequently lead a lifestyle full of health.