Is Vaseline Good for Your Feet?

results of Vaseline on feet

People often ask experts about the best substances to put on their feet, especially if those feet are suffering from dryness. It’s long been thought that applying Vaseline worked wonders.

What Exactly Is Vaseline?

It’s a very pure, clean jelly refined from petroleum and safe to use anywhere on your skin. It’s found virtually everywhere. It’s cheap to buy in general and especially compared to other cosmetic products.

Vaseline was always meant to protect your skin from the effects of the environment. Feet are constantly subjected to friction and other forms of irritation. Vaseline has a thick consistency that allows it to remain on the skin for a while without being absorbed or otherwise diminishing.

Therefore, it typically won’t work well as a moisturizing agent, although it may have more potential for sealing cracks in skin and insulating it from cracking any further. This means that daily use of the ointment might not be advisable.

You will find the densest, toughest skin on your body to be on the bottom of your feet. This means that this area has a high likelihood of drying out, cracking, and developing calluses. Vaseline can soothe your feet so that these afflictions have less of an impact.

The makers of Vaseline have actually introduced a specialized product called Vaseline Cracked Heel Rescue Foot Cream. It’s intended to moisturize cracked or dry feet, especially the heels, as well as give strength to the outer layers of skin that serve as protective barriers to irritants.

One common problem related to dry feet is chafing, or when close-by regions of skin rub against each other or against your clothing and cause irritation. Left unchecked, your skin can rupture and develop uncomfortable rashes. This is a situation in which Vaseline comes in handy. Not only can it soothe the affected areas, but it can remain as a barrier to prevent further chafing.

Here’s some more insight about how to use Vaseline to help manage your dry feet:

  • Spread some Vaseline between your toes if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. This area is a popular spot for friction, chafing, etc. The Vaseline will stop your toes from sticking together as much. This way, you’ll stop any problems before they happen.
  • If you use an exfoliating agent to remove dry skin from your feet, applying a coat of Vaseline can help lock moisture in to prevent dryness and cracking.
  • Remember, there’s nothing in Vaseline that will harm your skin, so using it every day shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t be afraid to consult your dermatologist if you have any lingering doubts.

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