How to Deal With Chronic Foot Pain

How to Deal With Chronic Foot Pain

chronic foot pain

Chronic foot pain can occur at any time and age. Several reasons cause chronic foot pain, such as injury, illness, footwear, and movement. At times, an illness or injury may result in severe foot pain. Depending on one’s age, the effects of the pain may end up affecting all other parts of the body.

Chronic foot pain may cause pain in your hip, backbone, ankles, and knees. The most common causes of chronic foot pain include Gout, Rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, plantar fasciitis, Bunions, bone spurs, and broken foot.

Treatment of chronic foot pain depends on the primary cause of the pain. While the symptoms may be similar, an in-depth diagnosis should be made. The primary cause of the pain may vary depending on activity, health condition, and age. There are a few home remedies and medical practices that can help ease chronic foot pain:


The most advisable form of treatment is by first getting a complete diagnosis of the cause of pain. However, some over-the-counter drugs can help ease the pain. Some of the common medication includes ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Apart from drugs, you can also purchase gels and creams, which help relieve pain.

Rest Your Feet

As long as the foot is experiencing pain, the best solution is to rest. One of the best home remedies for chronic foot pain is putting your feet on the ice. Ice helps reduce pain; however, it may not be a permanent solution.

Change Your Footwear

Footwear is amongst the leading cause of chronic foot pain. When too much pressure is exerted on your feet, it may result in pain. You can try wearing more comfortable shoes such as rubber shoes instead of leather shoes. However, again do not wear oversize shoes that will give you a hard time walking; the main aim is to wear comfortable shoes. Also, consider the use of footpads.

Visit a Podiatrist

The best solution to chronic foot pain problems is visiting a foot specialist. Visit a podiatrist who will help detect the main cause of the pain and advise on treatment. Medication for chronic foot pain may vary from block injections or pain drugs. Another medical treatment option is using orthotic inserts that ease the pressure on your feet.

Foot Massage

Massage treatment is an important form of therapy for any pain in the body, including foot pain. Massage can be a long-term treatment for chronic foot pain. You can visit a doctor to help you with the massage or you can do it on your own. Massage helps ease the tension in the nerve system and provides smooth blood circulation. Foot massage also enables you to gauge how bad the condition of your feet is. You may consider using normal skin lotion to make the skin smooth so you can observe where the pain is felt more aggressively. While doing the massage, consider massaging the whole foot in different areas to detect the primary cause.

However, do not rush to get any medication or use any home remedy before consulting with a doctor. While some injuries may be minimal, others may require professional attention.