How Can I Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

How Can I Prevent Ingrown Toenails?


Ingrown Toenails is probably one of the most common nail conditions affecting people today. This condition basically causes a toenail to become thicker and the shape becomes distorted as it grows, thus the toenail protrudes from the nail bed. This condition can be caused by a number of things like wearing tight toenail shoes, injury, or even stress. If you want to know how can I prevent ingrown toenails, then you should go over the following tips and see which one applies to your case.


The best way to prevent this condition from occurring is to be very careful when wearing tight toenail shoes. This means that you need to either buy brand new toe shoes or make sure you have your current pair properly trimmed. If you have recently purchased some really cheap flip-flops then they are not going to help you at all. There are also toenail trimmers that you can use to trim your toenails but these tools can be dangerous if not used properly so make sure you know how to use them before you purchase them. It is also important to take care of your toenails if you want to prevent ingrown toenails.


If you have recently broken or chipped your toenails then you need to take them very lightly and avoid wearing tight toenail shoes. It is important to wear your shoes for only about five minutes at a time, so this will prevent any damaged toenails from growing back. It is also important to not share the same nail clippers or scissors you are using on your nails with anyone else. It might seem like an odd thing to worry about but this can actually spread the fungus to other parts of your body.


It can be tempting to spend hours trimming and cutting your toenails but this can actually cause damage to them over time. You should try and wear flip-flops in public showers, pools and locker rooms as well. If you have to go barefoot around public showers, make sure that you pay attention to where your feet are and take care not to step on them.


Your toenails can also be protected by applying antiseptic toenail cream regularly. This product can also be bought from health and beauty stores and pharmacies. If you want the best results possible, it is recommended that you buy a professional type of antiseptic cream which contains fluoride. Fluoride has been shown to prevent fungal growth that can invade the toenails. This can ensure that your toenails remain healthy and remain natural looking


How can I prevent ingrown toenails? Prevention is always better than cure. You should try and keep your feet clean and dry at all times and keep your toenails trimmed accordingly. You should never walk with ill-fitting shoes or socks that make your feet sweat. You should keep your toenails trimmed neatly. If you have to visit public showers, wear flip-flops to ensure that you don’t catch any infections while in the shower. If all else fails see a podiatrist.