Foot Care Tips, Pt. 2

foot care

Here are five tips to help keep your feet in great condition, no matter what time of year it is.

  1. Shoe shop in the afternoon. If you need (or simply just want) a new pair of shoes, wait until later in the day to do your shopping. As the day progresses, your feet will swell. Your feet are usually their largest by the time afternoon comes around; so if you try to shop then, you’ll know that the pair you try on will always be comfortable.
  2. Spend as little amount of time in heels as possible. Try to keep high heels and pointed toe shoes for special occasions; always wear the right type of shoe for the job.
  3. Switch out your socks. Don’t re-use the same pair of socks each day without washing them. Dirty socks can cause smelly feet; wear a clean pair every day to prevent this issue.
  4. Wear proper attire in public places. If you use gym showers, public swimming pools, or hotel bathrooms, wear flip-flops to protect your feet from contracting athlete’s foot and warts.
  5. Don’t over-wear flip-flops. These aren’t good for your feet, as they ultimately don’t provide support and can cause arch and heel pain if worn too often.