1If I get antibiotics from my family doctor for my ingrown, do I still need to see you?
Yes, typically the ingrown and the infection are not resolved until the offending nail border is removed.
2Do I need a referral to see you?
Usually not, very rarely a referral is necessary for insurance reasons. You can call your insurance company to find that out.
3Do you take my insurance?
We take all insurances except Medicaid.
4How long does it take to get an appointment?
Less than one week.
5Aren’t you just going to tell me my shoes are bad?
Absolutely not! There are better options that may be available when you can, but we know style, activity and budget all come into play. We are more than happy to tell you if your shoe selection may hurt or help your particular foot type and make suggestions, but this office has plenty of guilty culprits of high heel wearing!
6There is nothing you can do for a broken toe, right?
Incorrect. In fact, if nothing is done, there is a much greater chance of future development of a hammertoe or contracted toe.
7I’m an athlete. I’m afraid if I come in to see you, it’ll result in not being allowed to play or greatly restricting my activity level.
We understand this predicament, so we have made a point not to “sideline” our athletes unless it is absolutely necessary. If we can get you through the season or the year or even the recital, we’ll do just that. We have played sports our whole lives and understand the importance of staying active as well.