April 19, 2022

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Feet

The heart pumps blood around the body through blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to all cells around the body; this system is called the […]
March 25, 2022

How to Deal With Chronic Foot Pain

Chronic foot pain can occur at any time and age. Several reasons cause chronic foot pain, such as injury, illness, footwear, and movement. At times, an […]
February 15, 2022

What Causes Adult-Onset Flat Feet?

What are Adult-Onset Flat feet? Adult-Onset Flat Feet is a condition caused by constant stress on the feet. It’s not just a problem of one’s feet, […]
January 15, 2022

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Feet

Poor blood circulation in the feet is a condition that causes feet to feel cold, become discolored and numb. Poor blood circulation to the feet should […]
December 14, 2021

Can Flat Feet Be Inherited?

“Flat feet” is a layman’s term for fallen arches, which is medically known as “pes planus”, and it refers to the condition in which the angles […]
November 16, 2021

What Are The Treatment Options for Bunions?

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems that people experience. It is a condition in which the big toe extends too far over the […]